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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Breakfast Wraps

A Graham family favorite. My daughter says anything tastes good in a corn tortilla. My theory behind that is the kids like it because they can't see what they're eating + wraps are just fun to eat. They're not messy because the food is all wrapped up and they're easy to eat.

Breakfast Wrap

  • corn tortillas

  • eggs mixed with milk, salt, pepper to make scrambled

  • turkey breakfast sausage

  • diced onions

  • shredded cheese

  • already cooked potato from the night before

  • already steamed veggies -optional- if you have from last nights dinner (Sweet potato, broccoli, carrots, corn)

break up the sausage in pan on high heat then add onions and potatoes

once cooked and golden add veggies then egg mixture

cook well then place in heated corn tortilla with a little cheese and catchup

-Tip-I heat my tortillas over an open flame on my gas stove

wrap and done nobody sees what's in there and it tastes great!

-Tip- everything should be proportionate to each other in really small pieces

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