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Friday, October 22, 2010

Scrappy Pumpkin Tee Shirt project

My friend designed this project for her daughter's girl scout troupe. I think it is such a great project.


• TAP® Transfer Artist Paper
• Plain tee shirt – white or light color
• Scraps of pretty patterned papers
• Black marker, pencil
• White paper, white card stock
• Glue stick, scissors, Exacto® blade
• All-in-one inkjet printer/copier
• Firm ironing surface and iron

  1. Use a black marker to draw a thick outline of a pumpkin with 4 segments on white cardstock

  2. Copy the pumpkin on to white paper to make a master copy

  3. Use an Exacto blade to trim out the inside of each section of the pumpkin on cardstock to create a stencil

  4. Use the stencil to mark and cut out scrap papers to fit inside each section – use a different patterned paper for each section to make it scrappy, and don’t forget the stem!

  5. Glue each of your trimmed scraps onto your master copy

  6. Load a sheet of TAP into your inkjet printer and copy your scrappy pumpkin on to the TAP, following package instructions

  7. Trim your pumpkin out of the TAP sheet and place it image-side-down on to your tee shirt

  8. Press the image on to your shirt with your iron, following the TAP package instructions

  9. If desired, you can also print out some Halloween words on to TAP to go with your pumpkin – just be sure to reverse the words on your computer before printing them out

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