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Monday, October 18, 2010

Kids cowboy holster

My kids are going to be Woody and Jessie from toy story for Halloween this year so I'm making their costumes. I never knew I would have so much fun making a costume. The holster is so cool for a little boy that I made 2 extras for my nephews because I think they'll just have fun playing cowboys.

I did a search and found a blog that gives step by step instructions on how to make the holster. It took me a couple times to get the pattern right but once I did the others were so easy to make that I made 3 in one night.

here's the link to the blog I found that has the step by step instructions for making your own holster.

I used some faux leather remnants from a fabric store.  hole punched around the edge and cut thin strips of the same leather for the lace. Basically you have one piece that is cut around the gun with extra at the top to weave the belt through and a second piece that covers the gun. Then just lace them together and you have on rough and tough cowboy holster.


  1. Those turned out great!! I like your choice of material!! thanks for sharing

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  3. love love love this...i may have to steal (or borrow) this idea!!