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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

spider craft for kids

Supplies needed:

  • egg carton

  • scissors

  • glue

  • big fat black chenille stick for body

  • regular size black chenille sticks

  • black paint and sponge brush

  • red felt

  • googly eyes

  • something like a poker from your pumpkin carving kit to make holes

  1. cut egg carton into individual cups

  2. poke 3 holes on each side for legs

  3. paint black

  4. cut red fabric into a small diamond shape and glue on inside of carton

  5. cut regular size chenille sticks into about 4 equal pieces for legs

  6. cut big chenille stick into about a 2-3 inch piece to wrap around the egg carton

  7. glue big chenille stick down

  8. insert legs into holes

  9. glue on googly eyes

you're done!

Kit it! and give as a Halloween treat!


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