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Monday, November 1, 2010

tea party

The birthday girlThe birthday girl 

My Toddler is now a young girl; she just turned 6 years old. Alivia wanted to have a tea party for her birthday so I found a cute little bistro, New Englund’s Bistro and Tea Room in here in Concord, CA. The tea party started off with a presentation about tea etiquette and what a “lump of sugar”  is. The girls enjoyed tea, lemonade, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, a story about a tea party and feeling all grown up in their pretty tea dresses.

The invitation to the birthday party was an adorable tea pot. I used a pattern from Unforgettable Invitations by Melissa Giles. My daughter chose several different papers and embellishments and helped with the assembly.

Layout 1Here is a downloadable PDF pattern: teapotpattern for the tea pot, including a shopping guide for 12 invitations that I added.  The best part about this book is that there are so many different ideas, but your paper and embellishment choices and maybe combining some of her different ideas make your cards unique. It really will spark your imagination.

Tea Pot Invitation

from Unforgettable Invitations by Melissa Giles


  • Patterned Paper: 6 letter size sheets

  • Solid Color Card Stock: 9 letter size sheets

  • Vellum Paper: 3 sheets letter size

  • Envelopes to fit 7˝ x 7˝ tea pot: 12

  • Adhesive Glue Roller Applicator

  • Scissors

  • X-Acto Blade to cut tea pot inside handle

  • decorative embellishments


Layout your invitation in your layout program. You can fit 4 per letter size paper.
The size of the invitation is 3˝x 3¾˝. The text area is approximately 2¾˝ x 3˝

  1. Draw a box 3˝w x 3¾˝ h
    tip:  The box lines should be faint so that you can see them just enough to cut, but won’t be too noticeable if some of the line shows after cutting.

  2. Start your text about ½˝ from the top to leave room for the lid which will cover that area
    Hint:  Leave space on the sides, you don’t want to accidentally cut any text off.

  3. Once you have your invitation just right, Copy and Paste so that you have 4 invitations on your page.

  4. Print on vellum paper


  1. Cut 4 templates:

    • tea pot front (cut along the dotted line)

    • teapot back (do not cut along the dotted line)

    • lid

    • invitation back

    (You won’t be making a template for the invitation front piece because you printed it directly on the vellum.)
    Tip: Use an X-Acto blade to cut the inside of the tea pot handle

  2. Trace templates on to back side of paper.

    • 2 tea pot fronts and 2 tea pot lids per patterned paper

    • 2 tea pot backs per solid paper

    • 4 invitation backs per solid paper

    • 4 invitation fronts per vellum paper


  3. Cut all pieces.



  1. One line of glue on top  of  vellum invitation front, line up and attach to invitation back

  2. Glue lid to invitation back placing over the invitation front


Glue only edges of front to the back leaving space in the center for the invitation to slide in and out.


Slide invitation into the tea pot and leave as is or finish with a pretty embellishment.


  1. Those invites are great! I love parties, and even more when you pay attention to the little details!